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PDF Converter Ultimate: The last mobile app converter you will need

2016 was a year of success for lots of companies, and Cometdocs is no different from them. This year they have updated several of their standout apps, and released a couple new ones as well. One of the new apps they released is PDF Converter Ultimate. This is yet another OCR app that, as it name implies, converts PDF files to other formats.

Out with the old, in with the new

Cometdocs has introduced integrated importing services to their apps sometime ago. Those are cloud services that you can easily log into and pull your data from within. Firstly, having these services was only possible by purchasing them as one of their in app purchases. However, with the release of PDF Converter Ultimate that changed, and as of recently you can do it for free!

Another important feature that has also been made free is the “instant conversion” feature. With previous apps you could upgrade to a faster server by paying for a lifetime of instant conversions. Now all conversions are instantaneous. A couple tweaks to the user interface did wonders as the new and old users praise them as loud as ever, which you can see for yourself by reading comments on our Appstore and Playstore.

List of features

PDF Converter Ultimate has a bunch of great features. Here are some of them:

     You can convert any number of PDFs you want, even with the free version
     The size of the file being converted doesn’t matter at all since PDF Converter Ultimate doesn’t have that kind of limitations
     This app can convert both native and scanned files
     Newly converted files are in the optimal format for further editing
     Layouts,formatting of the text, images and other PDF content remain untouched after conversion
     The converted file can be previewed within the app
     Cometdocs servers will delete your files 24 hours after conversion is done for your safety, as well as unloading the pressure of themselves in order to speed up current ongoing conversions
     PDF Converter Ultimate is battery friendly, which means you can convert files with the app being in standby mode and leave the work to Cometdocs servers


This is without a doubt one of the best apps that came out of the Cometdocs development center. PDF Converter Ultimate will have you covered whatever your needs may be when it comes to format conversion. So let's get down to the numbers:

1.    It supports 6 different types of conversion
2.    You can convert over 10 different file formats
3.    You can import your files from 5 different cloud services
4.    It only takes about 30 seconds to get almost any file converted
5.    You need to pay 0 dollars to use the apps basic features

With those things in mind head out to the nearest iOS AppStore or Google Play Store depending on your preference, and try out PDF Converter Ultimate! Feel free to comment and share and we will most surely listen. Cheers!

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